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   A Brand long time in the works. Primeape is a logo from a school project to brand yourself while at school back in 04', where I studied Traditional 2D Animation, Graphic Design, and met Victoria whom was there for Fashion Design. After school and obtaining industry gigs, it was'nt long for us to want to be more creative the our jobs would allow. Together we wanted to create a outlet for us and others to be able to get busy. Motivated by any and everthing, past to present, from politics to cartoons. Inspired by so many artist brands like Basquiat, Kandinsky, Hundreds,123 Klan, Supreme, Obey, OG Slick, James Haunt, 10 Deep and much more.


   Started in 2012' Primeape based in Long Beach California with a motto to "Slang Thoughts Not Rocks" we aim to supply the streets our unique, there are plenty of artist showing kids how hard they smoke, we want to show how Dope it is to think.

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