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Primeape Products


  Primeape has matured from an idea concieved while attending school at Brooks College back in 2004', to live creatively selling, ideas I thought were fly to me... Thats the real dope. Selling your ideas is cooler than drugs. Primeape is a family that cares about the community , trying to be sustainable through selling art and idea's. 

stnr dojo

Fresh to Death

Inspired by other creatives, cartoons, hip hop, and graffiti, we aim to deliver unique killer.

primeape label

Neighborhood Killer

From Cut & Sew to Spray paint, Illustration or dealing with vendors to product shots.

primaepe streetart

Street Work

Having limited funds to operate, we have to be creative, in how we get the word out about the new product we create.

primeape logo
primeape aka
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